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Dutch Railways

NS is the leading railway company of The Netherlands, transporting over 600.000 people who between them travel over 1.1 million times a day. As their Lead Designer, I continually assist NS in optimizing their online services.

  • Role

    Senior Designer
    Front end Developer

  • Technologies

    Figma, Sketch, Adobe
    Vue CLI, Jekyll, GSAP

  • When

    2016 – Present

Hero image for Dutch Railways

Homepage hero image

Since I started as a designer at NS, I've been playing with the idea of putting the planner on top of the website. With our CRO-team we tested this hypothesis: if we turn over the planner and the hero, the conversion on the hero goes up without shrinking on planned trips.

The results were scintillating. There was no significant difference in planned trips. But there were 35% more clicks on the hero and 100% more views of the target page per session!

Variation 1 (+35%)

Travel planner

I designed various functionalities such as displaying weather forecast at an arrival location, showing the train composition of all train types, adding several personalized planning options and more. The challenge in adding all these features lies in subtlety. The trick is to limit the cognitive load as much as possible.


NS Flex

We had to deliver 3 campaign pages from scratch within a couple of months. That's lightning speed for a large enterprise like NS, so we had to use a different way of working than usual. In a pressure cooker with a marketer and UX designer, I created a full responsive prototype. Which is been build as a static website by the development team. And it's a success! Sales were hitting target 2 months shy. While not cannibalizing classic subscriptions.



I participated in modernising the NS railway shop, a platform for the best deals for a day out by train. I was free to introduce a new design direction separate from the regular NS styling. Although it had to remain family of the NS brand. I took a bolder and more active approach to ensuring the feeling of being on offer.


ZZP Campaign

Commissioned by NS Zakelijk I designed and developed a campaign page. The aim was to increase the number of self-employed people travelling by train. I got briefed three weeks before launch. Yet, because I designed the page directly in the browser, it was quick and easy to put it into production.