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Tibor den Held

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Ziris offers courses in the field of art history in combination with photography. Art theory and practical assignments are linked. Since its foundation in 2007, I have been taking care of the design and development of the website.

  • Role

    Product Designer
    Creative Developer

  • Technologies

    HTML5, CSS3, JS
    GSAP, Jekyll, Netlify CMS

  • When

    2019 – Present

Hero image for Ziris

Beyond function

With this latest redesign, Ziris and I wanted to go a step further. Bringing more than the usual functional page for viewing and registering courses. Ziris also wanted to inspire and tell about the why of a good photo. Looking a layer deeper than the technique. And reflecting that feeling in the concept of the website. We did this by asking well-known photographers to use their photos for the website. Poured into a website that radiates the feeling of a photo magazine.