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Tibor den Held

Hi, I am Tibor den Held. Raised by two art historians and fascinated with computers since the late 80s.

I made my first digital designs with a Sharp MZ-700 — a computer with tapes to load programs. I remember drawing a map of the Netherlands with using only pipes, dashed and slashes. Later, at the age of 15, I discovered photoshop and the possibilities blew me away.

During my studies (CMD), I started as an intern at a small digital agency. Soon I was developing banners and microsites for clients like Mitsubishi or Greenpeace. On top of that they offered me a contract after my internship.

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About 4 years later I wrapped up my BSc, quit the agency job and started freelancing. I wanted more freedom and sit at the table with clients to do my own consulting. As well I was part of a corporation with other creatives. In this period I worked for SnappCar, KPN, Tivoli Utrecht, Doornroosje and many more.

I freelanced for about 6 years. After becoming a dad I wanted a more stable income. Besides I was ready for the next step: to work for a large design agency with big clients on a regular basis. While freelancing, it frustrated me that after delivering I was no longer listened to. Often resulting in mediocre developed products.

So I applied to Digitas and I came to work for Dutch Railways. An account won through a European tender. Plenty was new to me. Forced to work with Sketch in an Agile environment. Dealing with an IT department of about 8 development teams. Yet, I never expected getting so much fun out of working on one large platform like ns.nl.

In terms of visual design it is less exciting. The style already existed. Regarding UX it is all the more interesting. Especially the combination with prototyping. I picked up my coding skills, improved it hugely and now design about 80% of the projects directly in HTML. Now and then I’m even used as a front-end developer to write production code :)

In my spare time I love to play with cameras and synthesizers. Mail me at hoi@tk305.com or google my full name.