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Tibor den Held

Hi, I am Tibor. Intrigued with product design, creative development and branding.

I made my first digital designs with a Sharp MZ-700 — a computer with tapes to load programs. I remember drawing a map of the Netherlands with using only pipes, dashed and slashes. Later, at the age of 15, I discovered photoshop and the possibilities blew me away.

During my studies (CMD), I started as an intern at a small digital agency. Soon I was developing banners and microsites for clients like Mitsubishi or Greenpeace. On top of that they offered me a contract after my internship.

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About 4 years later I wrapped up my BSc, quit the agency job and started freelancing. I wanted more freedom and sit at the table with clients to do my own consulting. As well I was part of a corporation with other creatives. In this period I worked for SnappCar, KPN, Tivoli Utrecht, Doornroosje and many more.

I freelanced for about 6 years. After becoming a dad I wanted a more stable income. Besides I was ready for the next step: to work for a large design agency with big clients on a regular basis. While freelancing, it frustrated me that after delivering I was no longer listened to. Often resulting in mediocre developed products.

So I applied to Digitas and I came to work for Dutch Railways. An account won through a European tender. Plenty was new to me. Forced to work with Sketch in an Agile environment. Dealing with an IT department of about 8 development teams. Yet, I never expected getting so much fun out of working on one large platform like ns.nl.

Especially the combination with prototyping. I picked up my coding skills, improved it hugely and now design about 80% of the projects directly in HTML. Now and then I’m even used as a front-end developer to write production code :)

In my spare time I love to play with cameras and synthesizers. Mail me at hoi@tk305.com or google my full name.